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CBot 3D C-B

Key Features​​​  

  • Build volume up to 400mm x 400mm x 500mm

  • Printer dimensions 600mm x 600mm x 1000mm

  • Printer Weight 75 kg

  • Heated bed

  • Preassembled. No DIY required. Just unpack and print away.

  • Easy installation of filament and software. Manuals supplied in English.

  • Equipped for use with environmentally friendly PLA materials.

  • Colour touch screen with easy to read and navigate English menus.

  • Internal LED light system for enhanced viewing of the print area

  • Filament break warning system with Power off resume function

  • Sturdy, robust and metal construction.

  • Complete enclosed printing environment for better temperature management when printing with exotic materials

  • Offline printing supported. Store your 3D models on the supplied removable media.

  • Supports PLA/Flexible/WOOD/HIPS/Pear l/Elastic/HS/TPU/TPC/ABS filament materials

  • Open source software compatible (.STL/.OBJ/.ODE/.AMF)

  • Slicer software included

  • Filament Diameter 1.75mm

  • Nozzle caliber 0.4mm

  • Extruder temp 270 degrees

* Delivered packaged product dimensions and weight differ from the actual product dimesions.
* Sydney3DP is a authorised reseller for Cbot products. 
Note: Price does not include GST or shipping.
(Lead time of approximately 10 business days)
12 Months manufacturers warranty.
Visit the eStore to purchase.
For more information please enquire via email.

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