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Bringing the latest Dentistry innovations and clinically proven methods from across the world to provide Dental Professionals in Australia with cutting edge digital solutions.      

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Welcome to Digital Dentistry Solutions (DDS)

Sydney3DP is proud to be an exclusive Australian distributor for Inteware, who is an industry leader worldwide in providing Total Digital Denstistry Solutions: CAD CAM, CNC milling, 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing), Optical Scanning and much more. Click to learn more about our approach to Dental Solutions in Australia.

Our Digital Dental Total Solutions

Total Digital Dental Solutions for Dental Professionals who specialise in Teeth Implant Restorations and Orthodontic Treatment Solutions. Learn more about our DDS packages to integrate into your Dental Clinic / Lab.

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2015 IDS

2016 Inside 3D Printing Singapore

2016 LMT Lab Day Chicago

2016 IDEM Singapore

2016 Inside 3D Printing Sydney


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